Friday, 12 July 2013

EDEM630 DM's Introduction and Reflection on Creating A Blog

Hi my name is Donna-Marie.

I am studying full time for a post-graduate diploma in education - e-learning. I have moved to Wellington this year, after my school closed down in Marlborough. I have been a primary teacher for eight years. The first four years were spent teaching at a newly merged school on the West Coast of the South Island. I taught middle to upper primary. I then moved to Blenheim and taught in the junior room at a two-teacher country school outside of Picton. Here is a photo of me with two kids after our school production of SuperKids, (don't underestimate the power of vegemite).

I enjoy music, dancing, reading, movies, baking, driving, walking and spending time with family and friends.

I think this blog can be a great way to keep a record of ideas, learning and experiences gained through this course as well as giving the option for discussion or receiving comments or questions.

Creating this blog was eventful for me. The actual creation was easy, and I chose blogger because of its reputation for being simpler and easy to use. However when you're creating something to meet someone else's specifications there's an additional tension when you work. The links on the instruction page didn't work so it was harder to follow, and when I you-tubed it, the interface was different so the videos were showing a different version of blogger. I didn't realise that they had updated it, hence the different look. So I persisted and voila. My first personal blog.

Two of the resources I used:

I am looking forward to learning more about digital technologies and being able to apply what I learn to the classroom setting.


  1. Hi Donna-Marie,

    Great to see your blog published and the initiative you have taken to use the open web to assist you. Well done!

    Looking forward to reading your next blog contribution.

  2. Hi Donna-Marie,

    What are your plans after completing the post grad study? Do you have a job lined up in Wellington? Great to see pics of students with gigantic smiles, you must be having fun. :-)

    1. Hi Darren,
      My plan is to find a teaching job in Wellington.

      Thanks, yes we had fun. We had just put on a production for the community. It was a first for these two kids and they had a great time. I'm lucky teaching primary, I have heaps of photos of children with great smiles!

      Thanks for looking at my blog.